Alltrad has undertaken translation, revision, localisation, and interpreting projects for many types of text, in various product areas.

Collaboration with very experienced and highly specialised linguists and with its own staff of internal translators, enables Alltrad to deliver precise and punctual services that are aligned with the customer’s brief.

We note that, for companies interested in learning more about a particular request, by type of text or sector of specialisation, we are available to provide a representative case history.


Fondazione Sistema Toscana

In order to promote the region and its identity with integrated digital communication tools, the Fondazione Sistema Toscana launched a new tourism promotion website for Destinazione Toscana:

In December 2018, Alltrad won the tender to translate all the editorial content of the website: from Italian into Spanish. This work will engage our team until June 2021.

Monduzzi Editore

Alltrad collaborates with the Monduzzi Editore publishing house on two different projects, both in the medical-scientific field.

The first concerns the translation from German into Italian of the Compendium of Internal Medicine, edition 2018.

The second, on the other hand, is a dual translation and proofreading project of three volumes of Functional Anatomy: in a first phase, the new parts present in the latest French edition will be translated into Italian, while in a second phase a complete proofreading of. the latest Italian edition will be carried out.

Both of these projects required an in-depth preparatory phase: file preparation, DTP activities and text alignment (for the second project), creation of glossaries and, fundamental for the success of the project, identification of translators and proofreaders with scientific skills capable of working on highly specialised texts in close collaboration with the Alltrad staff.

National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN)

Since 2012 Alltrad has been working with the INFN on an ongoing basis to translate specialised texts into English and occasionally also into Chinese. This prestigious partnership involves the translation of monthly newsletters, semi-annual magazines, press releases, brochures and the entire website –

Rai Pubblicità

In January 2019, as in the previous two two-year periods (2015-2018), Alltrad won a tender launched by Rai Pubblicità for the translation of legal documents from and to English, French, German, and vice versa.

In addition, and also in January 2019, Alltrad again acquired the contract for teaching English to staff at Rai Pubblicità, already awarded to it in the previous two-year period.

This is an exciting project for our mother tongue teachers who came into contact with staff from different company departments and directors who use English in performing their work.

University of Turin

The partnership with the University of Turin – Departments of Legal Studies, Culture, Politics and Society, Commodity Science, Food Science and Earth Sciences – and with Turin Polytechnic is based on a continuous and longstanding relationship.

Alltrad has translated scientific articles, essays on social policy, pamphlets on economic-rural development, financial statements, parts of websites, etc. from Italian into the most frequently used languages (English, French, Spanish).


In September 2015, Alltrad was awarded a contract for translating biweekly batches of EU trademarks from all official European languages into Italian.

It was the fifth contract obtained for translating EU trademarks.

We thus achieved an important goal in terms of the technical expertise acquired in the field of industrial property, the organisational commitment involved, and the use of CAT tools.