Alltrad portfolio includes translation, proofreading and localisation projects for many different text types in a variety of specialised fields. In addition, Alltrad acquired significant experience in organising interpreting services of different types, with or without the relevant equipment, thanks to a team of professionals covering a wide range of technical and scientific fields.

Collaboration with very experienced and highly specialised linguists and with its own staff of internal translators, enables Alltrad to supply accurate and timely services that are aligned with the customer’s brief.

Please note that, for companies interested in learning more about a particular request, by type of text or sector of specialisation, we are available to provide a representative case history.


Fondazione Sistema Toscana

The collaboration with Fondazione Sistema Toscana began in 2018 and concerned the translation into Spanish of the tourism website, aimed at promoting the regional territory.

Currently, Alltrad has been entrusted with the service of translating and updating the content of the website in German and French, in addition to Spanish.

The project involves localisation and uploading of CMS contents and is based on a well-structured and streamlined workflow organisation. A large team is able to cope with large quantities in short times and to adapt to new demands.

Monduzzi Editore

Alltrad cooperated with the publishing house Monduzzi Editore on two projects, both in the medical and scientific fields. The first project concerned the translation of the Compendium of Internal Medicine from German into Italian. The second project consisted in the translation and revision of three volumes of Functional Anatomy. In a first stage, the new parts added to the latest French edition have been translated into Italian; then a complete revision of the latest Italian edition was performed.

Both these projects required a thorough preparatory work: DTP work and (for the second project) alignment of texts and creation of glossaries. A crucial element for the project’s success was the selection of translators and revisers with scientific expertise able to work on highly specialised texts who collaborate closely with Alltrad staff.

National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN)

Alltrad regularly supplies the INFN with translations of specialised texts into English, and occasionally also into Chinese. This prestigious partnership relates to the translation of monthly newsletters, semi-annual magazines, press releases, brochures, and the entire website:

Rai Pubblicità

Since 2015, Alltrad has been collaborating with Rai Pubblicità for translation services of legal texts to and from English, French and German.

In 2016, Alltrad acquired the contract for teaching English to the Rai Pubblicità staff, subsequently renewed until 2021. This was an exciting project for our mother tongue teachers who came in contact with people from different company departments and directors using English at work.

University of Turin

The partnership with the University of Turin – Departments of Legal Studies, Culture, Politics and Society, Commodity Science, Food Science, and Earth Sciences – and with Turin Polytechnic is based on a continuous and longstanding relationship: Alltrad translated scientific articles, social policy essays, papers on economic and rural development policies, financial statements, parts of websites, etc. into the most popular languages (English, French, Spanish).

Alltrad recently obtained a significant assignment from the Innovation and Internationalisation Department of the University of Turin to translate administrative, informative/promotional, legal and financial texts from Italian into French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Romanian and Chinese.

Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union

The collaboration with the CDT in the field of intellectual property dates back to the 1990s. In particular, until 2019, in the context of several framework contracts following tenders, Alltrad has been continuously involved for many years in the translation of EUIPO trade marks from all EU languages into Italian. The project envisaged receiving daily batches containing the description of trade marks registered throughout the Union and the use of a particular software developed by the client.

Alltrad currently works with the CDT under the GEN20, FIN22 and LEG22 framework contracts, for the translation from English into Italian of texts of various EU agencies, such as: studies, reports, guidelines, manuals, minutes, decisions, documents in the legal and financial fields.