Multilingual projects


Alltrad regularly handles complex multilingual projects for major Italian companies operating in a range of sectors and requiring specific background knowledge.

Many of these assignments are a source of significant enrichment on the part of the people involved: new concepts to be understood and translated, new and sometimes complex planning methods, as well as exchange of reciprocal knowledge among the stakeholders.

All aspects that make these jobs a challenge to facilitate the encounter between different cultures.

A multilingual project deserving attention is the software translation that Alltrad regularly provides to a customer developing and selling solutions for Emergency Calls and Alerting, for Civil Defence, Law Enforcement and on-board systems for teams and special vehicles.

The languages included in the above mentioned multilingual project are English, French, German, Spanish, Greek, Russian and Lithuanian.

Professional Multilingual Translations

In the school publishing sector, on behalf of a number of important publishing houses, Alltrad is engaged in multilingual projects that represent an important integration tool for foreigners who live and study in Italy: grammar texts, glossary entries for art and image manuals, geography textbooks for compulsory education.

The languages involved are English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Albanian and Romanian. All projects that require specific language skills as well as scrupulous and careful localisation.

Alltrad also provides multilingual interpreting services. A significant simultaneous translation event took place at a seminar organised by a United Nations body in collaboration with the City of Turin: the languages required were English, Spanish, French and Arabic.