Patent Translations, Translation of Standards

Drawing on experience in the industrial property sector acquired translating Community Trademarks, in 2003 Alltrad started to cooperate on a regular basis with various patent offices based in Turin and Milan and firms with their own patent departments, providing translations from English, French and German into Italian, and from Italian into English and German, to mention just the most frequent language combinations.

We have also translated patents in other language combinations including from English into German, French and Spanish, from German to English, from French to English, from Polish to Italian and from Korean and Japanese to Italian.
We have a team of some 15 specialist translators in this field.


Just since 2010, we have translated about 230,000 pages in the following sectors:

  • mechanical
  • electro-mechanical
  • automotive
  • electronic
  • industrial automation
  • ICT
  • telecommunications
  • chemical
  • phisical
  • medical
  • veterinary
  • biological
  • biotechnology
  • pharmaceutical