Since its outset as translation provider in 1988, Alltrad has focussed on technical translations and particularly on the automotive industry, due to the Turin specific vocation and its century-old history linked to car development, with a large number of SMEs operating in the supply chain in the mechanical, electrotechnical, hydraulic and design areas.

In these 30 years, our experience in technical translations has consolidated and diversified in various national and international market sectors, with a fruitful collaboration with small and medium-sized companies and large international groups.

The type of documents translated is very wide and ranges from the most common user and maintenance manuals and assembly instructions to catalogues, brochures, drawings, price-lists, specifications, tenders, product data sheets, declarations of conformity, safety data sheets, to technical regulations, reports, project descriptions, studies, minutes, as well as software,  program strings, information sheets, web pages and complete websites.

Also specialist sectors cover a wide range of market segments: in addition to the automotive area, Alltrad also supplies translations to customers operating in the industrial automation and in areas such as plant engineering, robotics, welding, measurement instruments and machine tools sectors, industrial vehicles, earth-moving machinery and in the civil and industrial engineering sector. More recently it has developed expertise in information and communication technology (ICT), an important and rapidly expanding sector covering a vast array of highly sophisticated products: PCs, tablets, smartphones, as well as industrial technology and many other areas in which computerised applications are used.

Moreover, Alltrad has expertise in the medical-scientific field for the translation of equipment and measuring instrument catalogues, operating instructions, labels and leaflets, as well as scientific texts and articles for journals, press releases and outreach texts, again in the scientific field.


As each sector of industry adopts its own specific terminology, Alltrad has always attributed considerable importance to building teams of subject- and client-specific translators able to undertake projects guaranteeing the highest standards of precision and reliability.

A dedicated Project Manager entrusts the tasks exclusively to mother tongue translators who are graduates and specialised in the field in which they translate. Furthermore, each text is rigorously proofread by a highly specialised resource, other than the person who translated the text.

The relationship with the customer is based on a constant sharing of information and objectives to be achieved: what kind of terminology should be used? What is the text to be translated to be used for? What are the required delivery times? These are just some of the questions we ask at the beginning of a project: the approval by the customer of the most appropriate glossary to be followed, knowledge of the use that the Customer intends to make of the document – internal use, use by the sales force, use by technicians/engineers, dissemination, text to be published on the company website, etc.

A crucial element for achieving and maintaining quality is the analysis of customer feedback: on this basis, glossaries and translation memories are updated and comments and suggestions are communicated to all team members.

The internal workflow, towards the customer and the translators, is based on a platform, Plunet, which allows companies to monitor the technical translation project from the initial stage of requesting an estimate to the final stage of receiving the translation and subsequently transmitting its feedback.

All these elements and the methodology described characterise Alltrad in its ability to meet customer needs, satisfying high quality translated text requirements, also with requests for significant volumes with tight delivery times.