Translations with CAT Tools


For all fairly repetitive texts (manuals, and in particular, new releases, reports, software, corporate accounts, Alltrad adopts CAT (computer-aided translation) tools such as SDL Trados, Transit, Wordfast, IdiomServer, Alchemy CATALYST and others.

These programs are used to set up specific terminology databases and translation memories for the various language combinations.

The texts analysed using this type of software tools are broken down into source segments (phrases) that are memorised and re-proposed to the translator when they are repeated in the text, or for recovery of existing translations.

Cat tools


This system improves the entire process, reducing translation times and guaranteeing use of the same terminology and style. It also has the major advantage of supporting a wide range of formats (.ttx, .doc, .rtf, .htm, .html, .sgm, .isc, .xls, .ppt, .inx, .odt, .csv, etc.); this means that the text is returned in the format required by the user even without access to each specific type of software.

The main advantage for the client is that of obtaining higher quality translations, with a reduction in the final cost: counting percentage repetition and recovery, the total number of pages effectively translated is lower than that obtained using normal calculation methods.