Alltrad offers an interpreter who performs a negotiation service, for situations in which customers need to meet a partner who does not speak their language, in order to discuss various topics.

There are many contexts in which this service is performed; it is suitable for delegations composed of small groups:

  • a commercial or financial negotiation
  • a B2B meeting
  • entering into a contract
  • presenting a service or product
  • touring a plant or company
  • testing
  • a technical intervention
  • a meeting aimed at resolving issues linked to production or complaints
  • a business lunch
  • holidays and overseas travel
  • foreign delegation assistance.

Due to the variety of situations and the delicacy of some meetings (for example, the conclusion of an economically significant commercial agreement or the sale of a highly technological piece of equipment), Alltrad focuses on selecting the most suitable interpreter, taking previous experience into account, above all.

In fact, the professional hired must have technical and linguistic expertise in the subject discussed and, in particular, have command of the terminology of the sector and of the customer, as well as, of course, excellent communication and commercial skills.

In order to help the professional in the preparation phase, Alltrad recommends that the customer provide informative material for reference: brochures, reports, relevant correspondence, and a detailed agenda for the meeting, to enable the creation of a specific glossary to be used during the meeting.

The negotiation interpreter is more involved than the simultaneous interpreter, who does not have direct contact with the parties.

The negotiation interpreter is ready to grasp and convey shades of meaning, tones of voice, and moods, and is often able to intuit whether the person they’re talking to is aiming for a given objective or prefers a certain solution.

Therefore, they act as an intermediary for the customer, actively contributing to the successful outcome of the event.