Alltrad, with headquarters in Turin, offers interpreting services in Italy and overseas, for conferencessimultaneous, consecutive, and whispered – or negotiations, covering most languages, according to customers’ need.

Alltrad places more than 30 years’ interpreting experience at the service of its customers, relying on a close collaboration with a team of specialised professionals with consolidated experience in many sectors.

Interpreting services are performed during company events, conferences, international meetings, commercial negotiations, plant visits, and in all those situations where people, speaking different languages, need to follow and understand the content of the work underway.

The interpreting service can make the difference to the final result of an event or of a meeting, since these are often highly complex contexts, with several languages to be translated, a large number of participants, sometimes with meetings and workshops that are held in parallel.

A Project Manager belonging to Alltrad’s staff is responsible for organising and coordinating interpreting services, acting as the principal contact for the customer and for all the professional figures involved. Their liaison role makes the customer feel assisted both in the organisation phase and during service delivery, to clarify any doubts on technical aspects of complex language services. They encourage the success of the event by preventing setbacks and critical issues.


A quality interpreting service involves minute, precise, and professional preparation.

In a first phase, it is important that the customer send a detailed briefing, specifying the context in which the language service is required, how the event is structured (for example, the number of participants, the location, etc.), so that Alltrad is able to identify the most suitable type of service based on this and other information.

In addition, it is important that the customer communicate the content and topics that will be discussed, including in the initial phase, in which the programme is not yet definitive. A meeting between professionals in a legal context, a scientific congress, the installation of a highly technological plant, an audit on company quality processes, are contexts that differ from each other and that require the presence of an interpreter who is competent in a specific area.

To this end, Alltrad carefully selects qualified collaborators, based on the studies they have undertaken, their professional path, and taking into account the number of years they have worked in this profession.

To help interpreters to prepare well, so that they can update their knowledge regarding a topic or specific product, Alltrad recommends that the customer send reference documents such as abstracts, glossaries, the schedule for the day, the list of speakers, and any other useful information.

In addition, for conference interpreting and depending on the service requested: simultaneous or consecutive, Alltrad will offer the customer the equipment and the most suitable technical devices, taking into account the type of location, the devices already present, the number of participants, the structure of the day, and the time needed for assembly and disassembly, etc.


Based on the information collected, Alltrad will be able to draft an offer for the customer, which includes all the details of the event.

The quote is sent via Plunet, the portal that Alltrad uses, which enables communication with customers and collaborators via a dedicated platform with personalised access. If they wish, the customer will be able to confirm the service via Plunet and send the supporting documentation. This system ensures that content is only circulated within a protected and reliable system, avoiding email or tools that are not very secure.


Before entrusting a first assignment, Alltrad formalises the relationship with the interpreter who is requested to sign a collaboration agreement containing confidentiality and non-disclosure clauses, the privacy statement, and general instructions for performing the service.

The formalisation of the collaboration and the knowledge of the quality standards for performing the work are essential prerequisites for preventing the occurrence of problems on the job.

In parallel, the customer, in compliance with safety regulations, will need to send Alltrad the emergency and evacuation plans for subsequent acknowledgement by the interpreters and to identify any risks.


In order to constantly monitor the quality of interpreting services offered to customers, Alltrad frequently asks for feedback at the end of events, in order to receive an opinion on the professionality of the interpreters who have carried out the assignment, on their preparation, and on the general organisation of the event, as well as the technical equipment.

If the customer should identify problems while an event is being held, Alltrad will adopt all necessary measures to resolve the issues.