Not only the market, but also the way of working within companies over the last 20 years has changed dramatically due to the continuous and rapid evolution of technological innovation.

With the introduction and use of highly advanced machines, artificial intelligence finds an increasing number of applications and the consequent request in the translation market to localise and translate software, websites, apps, application interfaces, programming codes, etc. has increased exponentially.

Alltrad takes charge of translation work in this area with utmost care and reliability, guaranteeing its customers:

a qualified team: mother tongue engineer, programmer and computer scientist linguists, who are highly specialised in the specific sector of the text assigned to them, translate into their mother tongue;

a streamlined service: the text content of websites is translated maintaining the hypertext links, which are localised in the target language if there is a link to websites with several language versions. The original layout of the website, with titles and images, is stored in the translated pages and the content of the web pages is translated without modifying the source code;

proper localisation: the target text takes into account the use that users must make of it and the needs of different graphics and layouts.