Simultaneous interpreting services


If a customer needs to organise a meeting, an assembly, or an international conference, Alltrad offers simultaneous interpreting, which is adapted to circumstances in which there is a large number of participants.

This service is characterised by the simultaneous nature of the translation of the speaker’s address, which reaches the audience via headphones, notwithstanding a minimum time lag called the “décalage” (from the French, meaning “interval” or “time gap”).

When providing simultaneous interpreting services, Alltrad is able to offer customers both a complete service – interpreters and technical equipment – and interpreters alone.

Alltrad employs professionals with consolidated experience, who perform a high-level language service, including inter-language when requested by the customer (i.e. translation between two foreign languages, without passing through Italian).

According to the standards regulating the performance of simultaneous interpreting, two interpreters per booth per language combination must be provided for events of this size. The interpreters alternate approximately every half hour. When the service does not exceed one hour, it is possible to have just one professional per booth.

The working day is indivisible and includes a maximum of seven hours’ commitment.

To help interpreters to prepare well, so that they can update or deepen their knowledge regarding a topic or specific product that is the subject of the event, Alltrad recommends that the customer send reference documents such as abstracts, glossaries, the schedule for the day, the list of speakers, and any other useful information.


In addition to the simultaneous interpreting service, which is guaranteed by carefully selected professional interpreters, Alltrad also offers to provide its customers with complementary services:

We provide simultaneous translation systems, including: control units, booths, infrared receivers with headphones, amplifying systems, digital audio recording systems, and technical assistance.

In order not to be disturbed, interpreters work inside a booth that has the following minimum features:

  • sound insulation
  • fireproof material
  • good ventilation
  • optimal visibility.

The booths may also be located in different rooms in relation to where the main event takes place, thanks to the installation of closed-circuit video systems, which ensure that the interpreters can see the speakers and any documents that are displayed.

For events of this size, there must be two interpreters per booth per language combination for an indivisible day of a maximum seven hours’ interpreting.

It is possible to have just one interpreter per booth when the service does not exceed one hour.


In special circumstances, for example when there are no more than 30/40 people at an event, the guided tour system may be used (mobile “Bidule” equipment).

This system is well suited when, for example, there are travelling foreign delegations or during company meetings, plant tours, workshops, presentations, or seminars.